Kid Author: Niki Amini Salehi

July 16, 2020

Niki Amini Salehi is a 9 year old third grader in Lafayette. Niki tell us: I wrote this story all by myself. I was siting in my back yard writing and drawing random stuff. I drew a pumpkin and a witch. I thought I can make a great story out of my drawing. I usually write a lot of stories but this is my first time writing in a newspaper. And I'm excited that other kids can read my story. I hope they will enjoy. 

Niki's Story: The New Plan

Once upon a time there was a good witch. One day, he wondered why he couldn't be a bad witch. So, from that day on, the witch became bad. And made a blue pumpkin. When the witch was dead people were happy and made a holiday name Halloween. But Halloween was not the way it is now; it lasted for three years. The blue pumpkin did not like that. Everyone knows all about the witch and what he made and thought that everything that he made was bad. The pumpkin was mad. And made a plan. The next day, he dressed up as a man and went to the mall. He got some clothes and dressed as the witch. When he got back. He put on the clothes. And said, “I am the witch". Everybody ran and yelled. The pumpkin did admit that the witch was bad, so he said, "I demand that from this day on, Halloween is one day".

And that my friends, is how today Halloween is only one day.

Niki we LOVE your story! I am so glad we all know why Halloween is now only one day. Keep your creative juices flowing, keep writing, and send us more stories. Thank you   

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