Parent With A Purpose: Holly Walker

Holly Walker: Mothers Helping Mothers in Acadiana

By Liz Auzenne - Macaroni Kid Account Executive April 5, 2018

There are many mothers in Acadiana trying to make an impact in order to make a name for themselves.  Holly Walker is not one of these women.  She is doing more for the mothers of Acadiana than most would ever know.  Holly is an extremely personable, down to earth mother. I found myself having an hour-long conversation with her the first time we met. It felt like I was having a conversation with someone I had known for years.

Holly was nominated as our latest Parent With A Purpose by her lifelong friend, Angel.Although they have been friends for so long, Angel saw more to Holly than just their friendship.  Angel noticed the different opportunities Holly took advantage of, to help and inform mothers in Lafayette on any and everything having to do with motherhood.  

Being the mother of a 6-year-old and 3-year-old twins is not an easy job on its own.  On top of this, Holly opened Lafayette Moms & Babies on Kaliste Saloom.  She researches every product she sells in her store and helps her customers until they find exactly what they are looking for.She carries items that are useful for pregnancy, babies, toddlers, and beyond.  This is a one stop shop for everything baby.  This is a great business for shopping local!

Facebook has become a major source for people to interact in groups with those who have similar lifestyles, problems, questions, and much more.  Holly started the Facebook page Lafayette Moms, so mothers have a place to ask questions about current situations, and anything else relating to motherhood.  Her motto is “Moms helping Moms.”  Holly is very inquisitive and uses this to help other mothers.  If she doesn’t know an answer, she will find it out.  

There is a topic that many women do not like to talk about.  It can be embarrassing and shameful, so it is kept hidden.  Most who experience it never tell anyone, and often do not get help.Postpartum is very common among new mothers, and often goes untreated.  This can lead to many issues, such as a lack of bonding with their newborn, and in severe cases suicide.  There are only two free postpartum support groups in Louisiana.  One of them is at Holly’s shop, Lafayette Moms & Babies.  With the help of counselors, this support group is held every other Saturday.  It is free and open to anyone who wants to attend.  You can share your story, or just sit and listen.  It is even open to expectant mothers, so they can be familiar and aware of what could happen after childbirth.

The Times recently did a feature article and put Lafayette Moms & Babies on the cover.  Holly and Lafayette Moms &Babies are getting well deserved recognition for making a difference in the lives of mothers in Acadiana.

MACARONI KID LAFAYETTE and AWARDMASTER are proud to present Holly Walker as our most recent Parent With A Purpose.  Thank you to our sponsor AWARDMASTER for the amazing plaque they awarded Holly.  A big thanks to KART RANCH for donating a gift card, so Holly and her family can have some family fun.  Thank you to GINGERSNAP SHOTS PHOTOGRAPHY for the donated mini session, so Holly and her family can have updated family photos.  Also, a big thank you to JC KATE BOUTIQUE for donating a $50 gift card.

 If you know a parent who goes above and beyond in the community and feel they should be recognized, please nominate them at under the Awardmaster / Parent With a Purpose link.  Macaroni Kid Lafayette want to show how much they are appreciated for all they do in our community.  We only have 2 winners left, so get those nominations in soon!