Fright Trail

Friday October 13, 2023 7:00 pm
Fright Trail5305 Cameron StreetLafayette LA 70506
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Fright Trail is waiting for you! Join us for the 2023 Halloween season from Friday, September 29th – Tuesday October 31st as we celebrate our 12th year of FUN and FEAR. We welcome you to the land of the undead.

Fright Trail is recognized as one of Louisiana’s most fun, scariest & best loved Haunted Halloween attractions. Experience something different and enter 20 acres of deep, dark, woods inhabited by creatures of the night. So much fun it lays all others to rest. No haunted HOUSE here… the terrifying foreboding woods are the home of The Crowley Strangler, The Demented from Duson, The Butcher from Breaux Bridge, & The Psycho from Scott all waiting to meet you in the darkness. Can You Make it Thru?

Fright Trail… where the unseen become seen, the unknown become known, and your blood will freeze in terror as you witness the Legions of the Undead lurking around every turn. Are you brave enough?

Bring your friends, your sister & your brother; but don’t dare come alone. You’ll scream at the sights, sounds, props, and animatronics along our twisting trails. Experience The Haunted Dungeon, Septic Sewer & Twisty Bus on your self-guided tour. Don’t expect anyone to hold your hand, but I’m sure the voodoo witch, zombies and psychos will extend one, if you desire. The only thing more terrifying than the first half is the second half. You and your party will encounter bone chilling, blood curdling horror. Are you ready for Fright Trail 2023?

Be prepared for your visit. No sandals, open toe shoes, weapons of any kind, or anything deemed dangerous by Scott Police Dept. Your safety is our priority. Glue down your weave, double tie your laces, and prepare for the scare.

A Fright Trail ticket costs $30 for all ages. Cash only. We have double teller ATM’s available on site for cash. We do not sell tickets online. All tickets must be purchased on location at one of the two box office windows.

A trip through The Fright Trail will take approximately 35 minutes…but when asked how long it takes, we will answer by asking “How fast will you be running?”.

Water, soft drinks, snacks, glow products and t-shirts will also be available.

Fright Trail is open to all ages; however, we recommend ages 8 and up. If you are faint of heart, pregnant or have pre-existing heart conditions, Fright Trail may not be the event for you.

Open Friday & Saturday’s, 7pm-11pm throughout October. Check our calendar for exact dates. Saturday October 28th and Sunday October 29th…we will be featuring our FLASHLIGHT ONLY nights. You will be given a small flashlight which will be the ONLY lights on in the deep dark woods. Talk about SCARY!!!


8 and older




Fright Trail is a CASH ONLY event. There is an ATM on site.

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This haunted attraction is not recommended for children under the age of 8. Parents, please use your own discretion. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

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