Unleashing Creativity: Borderless Color - Art Without Limits

By Kali Picard - Owner January 23, 2024

Borderless Color is an inclusive art studio dedicated to making MEANINGFUL art ACCESSIBLE to everyone. As a licensed, ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist and local artist, Kali Picard has merged her love for art and helping others into this studio. 

Borderless Color is unique in that it takes into account the individual and varying learning styles of students and tailors lessons to meet students where they are. This in turn, allows for lessons to be scaffolded to challenge students, without making the lesson impossible. This in turn allows for real artistic growth. The focus at Borderless Color is on PROCESS, PLAY, and DISCOVERY! We want our students to feel CONFIDENT in themselves and to experience JOY when creating.  

Other Accommodations: Borderless Color has a sensory room (equipped with a hanging swing, tent, strip lights, noise cancelling head phones, weighted blanket, dried beans for tactile stimulation, etc.) available to help students self-regulate when needed.

Borderless Color offers several classes for varying age groups. Children, Teens, and Adults are welcome to explore art in our 8 week Color Theory Course. 

Looking to book a birthday party, celebrate a vibrant and artistic birthday at Borderless Color! Our birthday parties are a unique blend of creativity and joy, providing in our welcoming studio space, our parties cater to all ages and abilities, creating lively atmosphere where everyone can unleash their artistic spirit. Led by our skilled instructor, the festivities include engaging art projects, games, and activities tailored to the birthday theme. With a focus on fostering connection and shared creativity, our birthday parties provide a perfect opportunity for friends and family to come together and celebrate in a unique, inclusive setting.  

To sign up for lessons, book a party, or inquire about upcoming camps visit our website:

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