Unveiling the Heart Behind Acadiana Gymnastics: Owner Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith

December 13, 2023

In the heart of Acadiana, a vibrant and dynamic force emerged years ago in the realm of gymnastics – Acadiana Gymnastics, led by the passionate and dedicated Jessica Smith. As the newest sponsor of our publication, Macaroni Kid Lafayette, we had the privilege of sitting down with Jessica to delve into her journey, vision, and the values that define Acadiana Gymnastics. Join us in this short read as we uncover the story behind the gym, learn about Jessica's unwavering commitment to nurturing young talents, and discover why Acadiana Gymnastics is the perfect haven for your child's physical and personal development. 

What is your name (owner)?  

Jessica Smith


Tell us when and how you came to own Acadiana Gymnastics.  

My father, Gary Smith, founded Acadiana Gymnastics on April 1, 1977. Ownership was transferred over to me with some paperwork and a trip to the bank in January 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic began.


What inspired you/encouraged you to make the leap in purchasing Acadiana Gymnastics? 

My father played a significant role in my ownership of Acadiana Gymnastics. I also saw the potential for personal and professional growth within the gymnastics community. Embracing this venture allowed me to follow my love for working with children and their athletic development, contributing to the career I was born for.  


What are some challenges you face as the owner of Acadiana Gymnastics?  

Becoming owner, I had to learn how to balance the new business aspects with my ongoing responsibilities of coaching while raising my family.


What about the job that you love has surprised you over this time? 

Becoming the owner inspired me to really develop the culture of Acadiana Gymnastics that we have today. Time in the gym is about so much more than just gymnastics; everyone here has a purpose and a desire to be the best version of themselves providing a positive impact on each child’s visit.  


 What can we do to support you in the community? 

Share your positive experiences with Acadiana Gymnastics with friends, family, and colleagues.

What do you like to do for fun?

I really enjoy cooking with friends & family and spending as much time with my children as possible on my time off.  I enjoy working in my yard, long road trips, and Toledo Bend vacations. 

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