Children's Museums Unveils New Nursing Room & Dentist Exhibit

November 15, 2023

Children's Museum of Acadiana to Unveil New Nursing Room for Mothers and Babies and Reopen Dentist Exhibit, both Sponsored by Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry

The Children’s Musuem of Acadiana, a beloved destination for families and children, is thrilled to announce significant enhancements to its educational offerings. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry, visitors can now enjoy an engaging Dentist Exhibit and a brand-new Mother-Baby Nursing Room, providing a comforting experience for families and children. 

Dentist Exhibit: A Fun Learning Experience for All Ages 

The newly revamped Dentist Exhibit “To tell the Tooth” offers an immersive and interactive learning experience for children of all ages. Sponsored by Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry, this exhibit allows young visitors to step into the shoes of a dentist, fostering a fun and educational exploration of oral health and hygiene. 

Key Features of the Dentist Exhibit: 

• Interactive Manipulatives: Children can explore the tools and equipment used by dentists, gaining insight into the dental check-up process. 

• Imaginative Role-Playing Opportunities: Young visitors can dress up as dentists and 'treat' their patients, helping to demystify dental visits and reduce anxiety. 

• Oral Health Tips: Informative displays provide essential tips on maintaining a healthy smile. 

"We are thrilled to introduce the updated Dentist Exhibit, which not only educates children about the importance of oral health but also makes learning fun and engaging.” said Lore Linton, Executive Director of the Children’s Museum of Acadiana. 

“Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry has been an avid supporter of the Children’s Museum of Acadiana for many years now and we are thrilled to continue the tradition. It’s such a blessing to even have a children’s museum where you live, and we think ours is particularly exceptional, with all the educational opportunities it has to offer for our little ones. We are honored to be a part of that. We are so excited the dental exhibit has been given an upgrade and are so grateful for everyone’s hard work on the design team here at the museum to make it happen. Special thanks to Guidry and Horaist Orthodontics for graciously donating their dental chair, which is always such an important part of the space! Thanks everyone for coming out and we hope you enjoy visiting “To Tell The Tooth” 2.0!!” said Dr. Anita Gouri, Pediatric Dental Specialist - Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry 

A Nurturing Space for Mothers and Babies: 

The Mother-Baby Nursing Room In addition to the Dentist Exhibit, the Children’s Museum of Acadiana now boasts a newly created Mother-Baby Nursing Room, providing a private, comfortable, and inclusive space for mothers and their infants. Sponsored by Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry, this facility demonstrates the museum's commitment to supporting families and fostering an inviting atmosphere. 

Key Features of the Mother-Baby Nursing Room: 

• Comfortable Seating: Mothers can breastfeed or bottle-feed their babies in a serene and cozy environment. 

• Changing Facilities: The room includes a changing table for added convenience. 

• Privacy: Privacy screens are in place to ensure a peaceful and private space. 

• Baby-Friendly Amenities: The room is thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of both mothers and infants. 

"Creating a Mother-Baby Nursing Room was a top priority for us to ensure that all parents feel welcomed and supported during their visit. We're grateful to Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry for their generous sponsorship, which made this possible," added Lore Linton. 

“At Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry, a big part of our practice is to help moms and their babies on their feeding journey together, whether they are breast or bottle feeding. We believe that having a welcoming and comfortable environment is an important part of that process, and we are beyond thrilled to help provide this brand new nursing room here at the Children’s Museum. It’s a fantastic new addition that helps us further extend our dedication to the children of Acadiana.” said Dr. Anita Gouri, Pediatric Dental Specialist - Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry 

Both the Dentist Exhibit and the Mother-Baby Nursing Room embody Children’s Museum of Acadiana’s mission to provide an inclusive and enriching experience for all visitors. For more information about the museum or to plan your visit, please visit


About the Children’s Museum of Acadiana:

With the mission “Learning by Doing,” the Children’s Museum of Acadiana is a private, non-profit corporation located in Lafayette, Louisiana, that exists to foster a creative environment through “handson” exhibits and programs. ( 

About Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry: 

At Lafayette Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Anita Gouri and our team of pediatric dental specialists offer personalized dental care for infants, children, teens, and youth with special needs. With compassion, kindness, and patience, we will set your child on the path to a lifetime of healthy smiles!

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