Meet Dyan Schnaars of Schnaars Law Firm, LLC

January 26, 2023

Macaroni Kid is thrilled to have Schnaars Law Firm as a new sponsor. Dyan is an incredible person in and outside her profession and we couldn't wait to introduce her to all of you! Below will give you a little insight into her life and personality. In addition, she has been gracious enough to set up a google form where you can email her any questions you may have regarding family law (from wills to divorce and everything in between). She will be as helpful as possible when responding to inquiries. Have a question? Send it in by clicking here.

1)   What is your name? Dyan Schnaars What is the name of your business? Schnaars Law Firm, LLC

2) Any interesting information on how you named your business?  The name of law firms must comply with the ethical guidelines set forth under the Rules of Professional Conduct by the ABA and the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board.  Primarily the name must set forth that it is a business of an attorney at law.  However, my logo (which also appears on the outside of my office was created by Right Angle.  They created it using the two A's in my last name!  I thought that was so clever!


2)   How long has your practice been in business? I was sworn in by the Louisiana Supreme Court in October of 2012 and began practicing with Jeansonne & Remondet and Galloway & Jeffcoat.  I became a solo practitioner in January 2017.  We relocated our office to the River Ranch area in October 2019.  


3)   What inspired you/encouraged you to start your law office?  I have worked as a legal secretary and later a paralegal since 1999.  When I went through a divorce in 2001, I decided to concentrate on advancing my career to better provide for myself and my son.  I remarried a wonderful Christian man in 2008 and remain married to him today.


4)   What do you love about your profession? I genuinely love people.  I am a Christian and I apply my faith to all areas of my life, including my practice.  Divorce is painful - even if you want it.  It also leaves scars that take time to heal.  I enjoy being a counselor at law and comforting and guiding individuals compassionately through the process.  My main goal is to reduce conflict and the negative effect of divorce on the parties and their children so that they can move forward in a healthy way and not make the same mistakes in the future.  


5)   What about the job that you love has surprised you over the years? (Meaning is there some aspect you enjoy that you never thought you would?)  I enjoy teaching others about their rights.  Finally, the exercise of fitting the facts to the law and presenting it in a clear concise picture at trial is very engaging and keeps me sharp!  I used to hate public speaking in college but the more you do it the less you fear it.  I do still have to concentrate now on making each word count and leaving out the superfluous blabbering.


6)   Tell us a little bit about your family life.   I am the proud wife of Matthew Schnaars.  His family owns a local bulk bag manufacturing company.  He started at the bottom (on the factory floor) and now runs foreign operations for the entire company.  He has been an amazing father to our son (a thirteen-year-old competitive gymnast and scholar) and a loving stepfather to our son from my first marriage.  My oldest is a First Lieutenant in the US Army NG.  

7)   What does your family like to do for Family Fun?  We are a very physically active family.  Our health is important to us.  Most of our family time is spent biking, attending gymnastics competitions, or playing pickleball!  We also enjoy biking to or around some of the fantastic parks in our area (Moncus, St. Julian Park, Girard, etc.).


8)   What do you do to take care of yourself and how do you make time to do it?  In my personal time, I enjoy studying God's Word, cooking, and dabbling in anything artistic.  I have done acrylic painting, clay sculpting, singing, and amateur acting in local theatres in Abbeville, New Iberia, and downtown Lafayette.  I also enjoy massages and pilates to keep my body in shape!


9)   What can we do to support you in the community?  Tell your friends about me.  I pride myself on being an attorney who truly cares about people and takes the time to explain things.  I also offer reasonable fees disclosed in advance and am highly accessible to my clients via email (for which I never charge!).


           10)  What is your favorite spot to go around the town? I love to see theatre productions.  I also enjoy eating at BJ's Brewhouse, Marcello's, Social, and Misfits (when I'm on that side of town).  You can often find us biking along Camellia or to our new central park in Lafayette (Moncus).  

Thank you Dyan for taking the time to help us to get to know you! 

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