Acadiana Gelsoft - Friendly Battles & Healthy Competition

February 7, 2024

Acadiana Gelsoft is a veteran-owned and -operated indoor facility in Broussard, Louisiana. Gelsoft is great for friendly battles and healthy competition. The water gellets do not hurt, they’re environmentally friendly and do not make a mess. During your visit, the team will show you how to safely use the Gelsoft blasters and go over the rules of the games. Games are recorded and placed on their YouTube channel after so your crew gets to have fun all over again watching the competition. Below is a review of my family and I's personal experience at Acadiana Gelsoft. 

This article was originally published in November 22'. Since then I have also taken my daughter's basketball team twice and both times the fun was phenomenal. The girls are naturally competitive, being basketball players, and each of them brought that same fierce competitiveness to the battle field. I should note that I took them last year when the season was over and after our last game this year they immediately asked me if I was going to take them back. I think it's the adrenaline rush they love the most. Creeping from wall to wall, looking for the enemy, dropping to your knees for cover, blasting each other, capturing flags, all of it is intense and a great workout. We highly suggest booking your next adventure with Acadiana Gelsoft

Check out the original article below for details on the entire experience. 

Sponsored by Acadiana Gelsoft. All thoughts are my own and do not belong to Acadiana Gelsoft.

My family and I had the pleasure of being hosted by Acadiana Gelsoft last Saturday afternoon. We had a party of six. The baby could not attend (obviously) but Chad Michael brought a friend to even the teams out. Therefore we were playing with 3 against 3. The rules are promptly explained and there are two versions of a game you can choose from, last team standing and capture the flag. Our initial thought was that the last team standing option sounded like the best. We played several rounds this way and although we had fun we can honestly say we enjoyed our rounds of capture the flag even better. The competition was fierce, especially between the two older boys. But that is always the case, lol. The owners told us before playing they prefer husband and wife to be on separate teams. And so we separated. Can I tell you how much joy filled me when I surprised my husband from behind and took him out? It was glorious. But I should tell you he probably did that to me more than I did to him. Perhaps an interesting tidbit is that my 10 year old daughter had zero reservations about jumping in and going hard core. I say this to highlight that the water gellets do not hurt when they hit you. You will be provided a face mask or eye googles (your choice). I myself went with the full face mask and was happy with my decision. In the last team standing scenario you are offered three lives. Once you are hit you must return to your charging station for 10 seconds. I will be the first to tell you I was at the charging station more than anyone else. I have not perfected the art of war and was hit often   

For parents who are taking your children but do not want to play. They have a place for you! The lobby has benches and a tv screen where you can watch the kids play. There is also an area inside the arena that is netted that you can stand and watch the action if you choose. On a normal day you can book an hour online before showing and it's only $25 per person. I would highly recommend booking online so that you are not disappointed when you arrive and there is no availability. Click here to visit the website and book your first round! We also highly recommend following Acadiana Gelsoft on Facebook as specials pop up in a moments notice and you won't want to miss out. Click here to follow! 

A question we are often asked at Macaroni Kid is, "Where should I have my kids birthday party at?" Now we can add Acadiana Gelsoft to that answer! Book your child's birthday party, get an hour of play time, and another 45 minutes to use the establishment for your cake and presents. You can bring in ANY food you would like. There are no restrictions. There is no better way to have a birthday party than outside of your house. No prepping, cleaning, cooking, decorating, and cleaning again afterwards. Looking for super fun and super easy? Book at Acadiana Gelsoft! 

Acadiana Gelsoft is the perfect place to create family-fun memories and we did just that. We WILL be back to do it again, and again, and again! 

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You'll be glad you did ... and so will your kids!

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