The Benefits of Music Lessons in School Aged Children

Enhance Your Child's Development This Year!

August 24, 2022

As we prepare our children for another school year, we begin to make plans for extracurricular activities that will support and nurture their personalities and interests.  It’s no surprise that music lessons are at the top of many parents' lists.  


🎭 Music lessons introduce our children to art, culture, and creativity.

🧠 Music supports cognitive development; improving concentration, memory, confidence, and self-discipline.  

🧘 Playing and listening to music is known to boost the brain's production of the stress-relieving hormone dopamine.

➗ Studies show that children who play instruments are able to complete difficult mathematical problems with better ease than peers who do not play instruments.

📚 Music increases a child’s ability to differentiate sounds and recognize the patterns of language, improving speech and reading skills. 

As an added bonus to all of the benefits listed above, students in music lessons at The Music Box enjoy the benefit of having a musical mentor to cheer them on through all of the peaks and valleys a school year provides (presents).  It is our greatest joy to be a positive influence on your child’s development.  



Q: What do students learn in music lessons?

A:  Students learn a BALANCE of creative and technical skills in a FUN and MOTIVATING environment. 

Q:  Are lessons right for your child?

A:  Usually, what peaks an interest in music lessons is a CONNECTION to music.  Since most of our students come to us as beginners, there is no expectation for them to arrive with any knowledge.  At The Music Box, a custom learning path is developed for each student based on their musical interests and goals.  Our primary goal is to foster a lifelong LOVE of music.

Q:  What is the right age to start music lessons?

A: We teach music to students of all ages, adults included!  It is never too late to start.  The earliest we accept students for piano is 4, for voice is 5,  and for guitar,  bass and ukulele is 6.  In our experience, these age guidelines set our students up for SUCCESS.  Parents of children under the age of 10 are encouraged to participate in lessons, from time to time, to SUPPORT the learning process.  The ability to learn and speak the language of music in your home accelerates learning and encourages musical play.

Q:  Do you offer mom & me music classes in Lafayette? 

A:  At this time, The Music Box focuses solely on private music lessons. Our specialty is working with kids one-on-one as early as 4 years old. 




“The Music Box staff genuinely care about the children they teach and they go out of their way to encourage them, instruct them and celebrate them. This establishment is top notch and I highly recommend them!” -Courtney G.


“We've been here for a bit over a year and it's one of our favorite places for our kids. The energy of this place is brilliant. Truly honored to be a part of The Music Box.” -Timothy S.


“The Music Box and everyone there has helped me to be more confident and grow in my love for singing and the arts! Without this place I would definitely not be who I am today.” -Madeline B.


“I have noticed a HUGE change in my daughter's confidence and love for music!  My daughter looks forward to her lessons every week! I cannot recommend The Music Box enough!” -Brooke B.


Students can enjoy the benefits of music lessons this year by learning how to sing, play the piano, guitar, ukulele, or bass.  Students meet with a dedicated music instructor for a weekly private lesson.  We value the opportunity to develop confidence and creativity through music in a fun and motivating environment!  Private lesson appointments are available 6 days a week.  Get a FREE REGISTRATION ($50 Value) if you mention Macaroni Kid.

Ages 4+

Monthly Tuition - $149

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