Sweet Peas Gymnastics

At South Louisiana Gymnastics Academy

January 13, 2022

Sweet Peas is an educational gymnastics program designed to promote physical, social and cognitive development in children 6 months to 6 years old. Early childhood provides important windows of developmental opportunity. Basic components of a child’s neural development are genetically coded, however, trillions of finer neural connections are unprogrammed, and they are heavily influenced by enriching early childhood experiences. Research shows that movement and sensory activities strengthen and bond synapses – the essential connections between neurons. Sweet Peas’ Educational Gymnastics curriculum helps forge the architecture of a child’s brain that will serve him or her for a lifetime.

Founded in educational gymnastics, the Sweet Peas curriculum focuses on age appropriate gymnastics activities that foster coordination, balance, core strength, bilateral awareness and flexibility. Taught in a social, collaborative environment, Sweet Peas provides important life lessons in self-awareness, courage, success and friendship. The Sweet Peas curriculum is centered around excellent, progressive gymnastics training which incorporates color recognition, language development, spatial relations, music awareness, measurements and counting skills. Sweet Peas learn how to listen to their teacher, follow instructions and wait for their turn. They learn to enjoy their own achievements and to encourage and applaud the success of their classmates. We know that every Sweet Pea learns at his or her own rate. The Sweet Peas program engages children though expertly designed lesson plans that provide structure and productivity in the gymnastics classroom while at the same time allowing flexibility and pacing for each unique child.

Gymnastics is an amazing sport that combines diverse physical experiences and opportunities in a challenging and fun environment. Gymnastics provides amazing developmental opportunities through physical, cognitive and behavioral experiences on the floor, bars, beam and vault.

Gymnastics helps children develop strength, coordination, balance, power and flexibility.

Sweet Peas is an amazing program! Taught by early childhood experts with experience and training in gymnastics and active learning, Sweet Peas classes expertly blend brain development objectives with joyful and energetic gymnastics based active learning.

MISSION: At SoLa Gymnastics, we strive to provide QUALITY, POSITIVE, FUN.  Sweet Peas establishes a strong physical and phycological foundation to introduce them their own coordination and to the world. 

For ages 6 months to 12 months, the classes are FREE! 

Ages 1yr to 2yrs is $70/month

Ages 6 months to 3 yrs are accompanied by an adult

Ages 3yrs to 4 yrs is $75/month

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