Junior Reporters Visit a Local Fire Station

Fire Prevention Week is October 3 through 9

By Nicole and Candace Duhon, Junior Reporters October 7, 2021

Did you know this week is Fire Prevention Week? Fire Prevention Week (October 3-9, 2021) is all about how citizens can stay safe and prevent fires by following these simple rules ...

1 - Have an escape plan/meeting place. Example: In the event of a fire, making a meeting place can be helpful to know where to meet up with your family. Assign a place nearby, such as a tree, mailbox or neighbor's home that is away from the fire so everyone can stay safe.

2 - Make sure your smoke detectors work and are properly maintained. Example: When you hear a chirping noise, that means that it is time to change the battery in your smoke detectors. Firefighters recommend changing the batteries at least twice a year. My family likes to change them when the clocks "Fall Back" and "Spring Forward" because it is easy to remember. If you hear a beeping noise, that means there is smoke or possibly a fire. 

3 - Don't go back inside if there is a fire. This is a very important rule. Don't ever go back in once you have safely made it outside, even if someone or a pet is still inside. Call 911 and get help. Tell the firefighters if someone is still inside. 

These are just a few tips. You can find even more by visiting this website.

While we were at the fire station, the firefighters gave us a tour and showed us a fire truck and a rescue truck. We also asked them what it is like to work as a firefighter.

"Being a firefighter is not hard unless you make it hard," said Engineer Sean Lirette. 

He told us how firefighters have to wear a lot of safety gear to keep safe in a fire, such as a mask and an oxygen tank so they can breathe while saving lives. When they are not out on a call, they spend time at the fire station training and preparing.

He also showed us an old style fire truck from 1927. It was super cool. The wheels were made out of wood and rubber and the lights ran on gas. It is amazing to see how much technology has changed!

I asked the firefighters why they choose that profession.

"I wanted to be a firefighter to help people," said Engineer Virginia (Ginnie) Joubert. 

"I am the third generation of firefighters in my family," said Engineer Lirette. "My grandfather and my father were also firefighters."

Even though they both have different reasons for being firefighters, they are doing it because they love it and that's what matters. If you love what you do, keep doing it!

I hope these tips and fun details help you appreciate our local firefighters and all they do. 

Check out the video below to see our junior reporters in action!

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