Home-School: Women's History Month & Local Adventures

By Annette Walters March 4, 2021

We started Women’s History Month with the movie Hidden Figures. I paused the movie several times to give the kids a break and discuss the issues covered in the movie. The kids had a lot to say about how women were and are sometimes still treated and viewed. Interested in more movies made for, by or about women? Click here to see Bazaar's list of 40 essential feminist movies. 

Now that the weather is warming up, we’re starting to get out more. Yesterday we visited Gator Chateau in Jennings. The kids were able to hold baby alligators and see a few alligator snapping turtles. We talked about the difference between reptiles and mammals, what the alligators and turtles eat and how long they could hold their breath underwater. We also picked up a picture book all about alligators in gift shop to add to our school bookshelf. The staff was very informative and friendly and the kids loved asking them questions. 

The kids and I discussed finding new hiking trails to explore. Lucky for us Macaroni Kid has a phenomenal list of local hiking trails to try with the whole family. Check it out by clicking here

About Annette: 

I’m a homeschool mom of two, ages 11 and 5. We’ve been homeschooling from the beginning for 6 years and our preferred method is unschooling with a Charlotte Mason twist. I love homeschooling for the freedom it gives us and because I enjoy learning alongside my kids. Our favorite ways to indulge our interests are by exploring the world around us, doing experiments and activities, talking to people who are passionate about their fields, and reading well written books. I believe so much in what we do, I’ve kept it through divorce and now working full time from home. It’s my hope to continue our journey until college or whatever next step my kids choose to take. 

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