Kid Author: Julianna Mitchell & Her Short Story

By Julianna Mitchell - 11 year old aspiring writer February 4, 2021

Julianna Mitchell is an 11 year old local student who enjoys drawing, writing, sewing, and loves to read. She's currently enjoying the Narnia Series. Julianna loves Italian food and aspire to be a Chef and Writer when she grows up. We are thrilled that she submitted the beginning of her short story. Take note this is just the beginning. If you can't wait to read the rest send us a note so we can share it with her! Email and we will let her know you can't wait to read the rest                    

A Tale of Kings and Queens

              Once upon a time in the kingdom of Quartiene near the tall hills and the full forests of Freetilia were three servant girls and their names were Edlin, Beverley, and Sapphire who's parents worked for the kind and couragous King. The servant girls worked for the princess named Moralen .They were very dear friends almost like sisters so they got along .Until one day in the castle the princess screamed"ahhh my crown is stolen! ". Every one gasped then the princess said"it was Edlin ".Silence swept through the room as Edlin cried out"it was not me". King and Queen were very confused and didn't know what to do so they put Edlin in the cleanest part of the dungeon for the meantime . The next day while Beverley was taking some food to Edlin the princess screamed again and said " ahhh my other crown is stolen! ". Then the King said "Moralen are you sure that your crown was stolen ? " yes father it was stolen and I think I know who it is .

                "Beverley is in the dungeon bringing food to Edlin correct"."Yes so what is wrong with that" said the King ."So that means that she might be giving my crown to Edlin or they might be discussing where to put my crown"."Okay Moralen I will go and talk to Beverley and find out what is going on".While the King and the princess were talking Sapphire was cleaning the princesses room and found a secret part in the closet and found the two crowns. So she ran  to the Queen and the Queen said"Sapphire what is going on" your majesty I found both of the crowns in a secret part of the princesses closet". As Sapphire and the Queen were talking about how to punish the princess the princess went into her secret part in the closet about to put the third crown in as she saw that the other crowns were gone. She filled up with anger . Then the King and Queen walked in the room with Beverley and Edlin and said" Moralen I need to hear an apology". But to no ones  suprise she did not answer. "Since you did not answer your punishment is to help them clean and draw water from the well" proclaimed the Queen. "But mother that is a servants job! And I am not a servant"

               "But you earned it so start working". So Moralen got to work while they slept. The next day they did lots of cleaning because a royal family was coming so that meant a ball was to be announsed."Edlin may you hand me that rag " "of coarse Sapphire here you go oh and Moralen can you give me the broom"? "Get it your self Edlin" ".Well that wasent nice and your not doing anything " said Beverly.The cleaning went on for two days and so did the complaining. But then at last the day had come the royal family was comimg ! But before that important news was to be announsed." Servant girls " beckoned the King ." Yes your majesty " " I need to tell you some thing very important something that will change your lives forever more"."Sapphire I will start with you ."You know that your father served in our army may he rest in peace but I know that you did not know that your father was the kingof  Dentelia ". At first she diden't belive him but when she saw the painting of him she knew it was true." And now you are no longer just a servant named Sapphire you are princess Sapphire  of  Dentelia" !

                "Now Beverly and Edlin you two are sisters and princesses of Freetelia big shock right. I wold say more but we are in a rush" said the King . Well they were shocked in fact speachless just staring at each other while near the castle gates the royal family was here." if you dont mind helping with the royal family get settled that would be very helpful". As they walked down the hall the trumpets played for the royal family of  Joutlet. They gracefully steped out of the carrige. First was King Gorge then Queen Jennifer and next  Prince Lane, Prince Philip, Prince Carter, and last and definetly least Prince Bart . If you were wondering why Prince Bart is everyones least favorite pearson is because well he is just plain old mean, he loves ignoring the King who has given him mercy, so much mercy Prince Bart is worse then Moralen . " May I take your things and show you to your room Prince Lane "." Oh yes of course and please just call me Lane". Sapphire nodded then Edlin and Beverly took the rest of Princes stuff and Moralen took the King and Queen's things just to make sure she new were they slept. Later that day the King got the seamstreast to make beautiful dresses for the Princesses . At dinner the Princes and Moralen were suprised to see Sapphire, Edlin , and Beverly eating dinner with them and wearing such beautiful dresses . The evening was very intresting because the King of  Quartiene kept calling out Bart and Moralen who were wispering the whole evening.

            That night while everyone was asleep Bart and Moralen snuck  in the King and Queen of  Joutlet's room and stole their crowns and cut their hair all crazy. The morning came and everyone awoke from the sound of screaning." Ahhh my hair my beautiful and lushes hair. how I miss you soooo my hairrrrrrrrr". Screamed the Queen ."Darling what happened to your hair and please stop screaming". The king said. "I dont know but what happened to your hair you're almost bald". The Queen explained. The King of Quartine orderd the royal hair dresser to fix their hair in the best way possible.

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