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By Jennifer Ercoli - Publisher Macaroni Kid Lafayette October 29, 2020

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Every year we have an annual Meet Up at Macaroni Kid and this year we managed to keep the tradition alive through a virtual meet up. Although the look and feel were different the sponsors were still there. One of our favorite sponsors, Candlewick Press, provided us with three beloved books that make a great edition to any child's bookshelf. They are...

Choo-Choo School - All aboard! In one of Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s last books, lighthearted verse portrays a world where train
stations are classrooms, the conductor doubles as the teacher, and Boxcar is happy to hand out tissues to
anyone who ah-choo-choos. Bright, energetic illustrations by animation artist Mike Yamada bring the whole
clickety crew to rollicking life.

Let's Play Monsters! - Little Gabriel loves to play monsters. But what happens when it’s time for bed? Inspired by a game she
played with her own grandchild, Lucy Cousins offers an entertaining and heartwarming celebration of family
as she follows an imaginative child through a day of escalating giggles to a cozy moment before sleep.

Will You Be My Friend? - When Little Nutbrown Hare is out exploring on his own, something extraordinary happens: he discovers a
new friend! Now the fun can really begin. This enchanting new tale about friendship is bound to capture the
hearts of "Guess How Much I Love You" fans—and everyone else—the world over.

We have decided to gift all three of these books to one lucky subscriber! If you want to add to your child's bookshelf simply click here to enter on our Facebook post.

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