It’s A TKO

By Christy Lenahan - Macaroni Kid Content Contributor November 7, 2018

Yesterday my 15 year old came home from basketball practice with a busted lip and a

questionable lose tooth, which was a proud moment for me because I knew he was giving it his

all. However, the potentially lose tooth and the visions of dental and orthodontic bills briefly

danced around my head until I realized it was a false alarm…but what if it wasn’t? What do you

do when you have a tooth that is a knockout?

It turns out there are ways to restore a knocked out tooth. First, locate the tooth and

handle it by the crown section (or chewing surface of the tooth), completely avoid touching the

root. If it is dirty, gently rinse with regular water. Depending on the person and the

circumstance, you may be able to put tooth directly back into the socket, which is the ideal

scenario. Once relocated in the socket – hold in place with your finger. If you are unable to

insert the tooth into the socket, place it in milk or in your mouth next to your cheek. If you

don’t have milk and it is a younger child who can potentially swallow the tooth, consider having

them spit in a cup and placing the tooth in the spit (gross, but effective). Finally, see a dentist

within 30 minutes of the delay. If it is an evening or weekend – there are dentist who will see

you for emergencies, so call your dentist immediately. Your knockout could just be a TKO and

the tooth might be ready for another fight – once it recovers of course!

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