The Power is in Your Hands

By Christy Lenahan - Macaroni Kid Content Contributor July 5, 2018

Do your kids dream of being a super hero? Now they can be! Did you know that

80% of communicable diseases are transferred by touch and if everyone routinely

washed their hands we might be able to prevent over a million deaths each year?

Research indicates that only 67% of people practice good hand hygiene. Now is the

time to be a super hero - the power is literally in your hands.

The first thing to know is when to wash your hands. Wash before: preparing food,

eating food, caring for someone who is sick, or when treating a cut or wound. Wash

after: preparing food, caring for someone who is sick, when treating a cut or wound,

using the toilet, changing diapers or cleaning a child who used the toilet, blowing

your nose, coughing, sneezing, touching an animal, or touching garbage.

The next thing to know is how to wash your hands. There are five main

components: wet, lather, scrub, rinse, and dry. Hands should be wet with clean,

running water (hot or cold). Apply soap and lather making sure to get the backs of

your hands and in between fingers and under nails. Scrub for at least 20 seconds.

Rinse with clean, running water and dry with a clean towel or allow to air dry.

In a pinch? Try hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol, but remember hand

sanitizer will not work as well on visible dirt or grease. To use hand sanitizer, apply

the appropriate amount as directed on the bottle, rub your hands together and make

sure to rub the backs of your hands and in between fingers, continue rubbing until


Really feeling like a super hero, consider implementing the free It’s A SNAP Program

in your school. This program provides free education on hand washing that is easily

incorporated into current curriculums. Additionally, if the school is really successful

in implementing the process – there are some pretty cool awards. For more

information on this program, please visit and remember – The Power is

in Your Hands.