Halloween Bark

By Valarie Fisher, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Roseville-Rocklin-Lincoln, CA November 2, 2017

When we had a Halloween sleepover a few days ago, the kiddos made some tasty spooktacular treats. I did not want the leftover chocolate to be thrown out. I also had more leftover candy, googly eyes, and sprinkles and knew I had to use it all up somehow. I decided a batch of bark was in order.

I lined a cookie sheet with waxed paper. I melted each color of candy coating and dropped it on the wax paper randomly, making sure the colors overlapped. Then I took a fork and ran it through the coating, mixing and swirling it a little but making sure not to mix it so much that the colors blending together (turning them into a yucky color). I also made sure it was spread out well.

Then I took the rest of the googly eyes and candy and placed them all over the bark. Next up, sprinkles! I could have let it sit out to harden, but I'm too impatient. I stuck the cookie sheet in the fridge and it was hard in no time. Then I broke it up into pieces. The hubs laid claim to it and have been snacking on it for days now!

This is another one of those treats you can make your own by using colors for any party. I think this is going to be my go-to treat every time I have leftover candy coating. I really don't like cleaning the cups of coating out once it hardens, nor do I like to waste it. I made sure to scrape out everything I could from the cups, so I was able to put them right into the dishwasher, making clean-up a breeze, plus we got another treat out of the deal (not that we really needed it, but...). I think that's a win-win!