The Parent with a Purpose award goes to Radona Leonberger!

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August 10, 2017

Everyone says people in the south are the kindest and most helpful in the country.  Being a native of Louisiana, and having been to most other parts of the country, I can agree with this.  I love my hometown of New Orleans, but the people are nothing like those in Lafayette.  People here do amazing things for others and the community expecting nothing in return. That is why Macaroni Kid Lafayette wants to let them know they are not going unnoticed.

Our Parent with a Purpose campaign allows you to nominate an individual that you believe goes above and beyond to do things for others, or something special that is not an everyday event for most.  We will be choosing another Parent with a Purpose winner very soon.  

Our first winner, Radona Leonberger, is a coach for the Special Olympics.  Despite her personal and family struggles she still loves to coach those who have become family.  She is extremely deserving, and we greatly appreciate everything she does for the community.

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The Awardmaster team proudly supports Parent with a Purpose! They look forward to providing each winner with a gift that is as unique and special as they are. Cutting boards, canvas prints, custom awards…nothing is off limits!  

We would also like to thank Sky Zone, Kart Ranch, and Copeland’s MKT for their generous donations to Radona and her family.


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