Story and Art by Kody Chamberlain

May 15, 2017

Join professional writer and artist Kody Chamberlain for a four night course on Story and Art where you'll learn a highly versatile and in-demand skill set that includes concept development, outlining, story, scriptwriting, character design, storyboarding, art production, and business. The skills taught in this course will apply directly to things like children’s books, comic books, graphic novels, storyboarding, concept art, character design, web comics, newspaper strips, editorial illustration, entertainment design, editorial cartoons, manga, and more.


Classes are on Tuesday nights from 6:30pm to 8pm, and run from May 23, 2017 through June 13, 2017. Since our venue closes at exactly 8pm, we'll likely wrap up a few minutes early each evening. Our venue is the Hobby Lobby classroom located at 5622 Johnston St 200, Lafayette, LA 70503 (far right back corner of the building). Note, this class is hosted by Hobby Lobby, but they are not involved in the planning. Their staff may have the classroom schedule, but they will not be able to help you with any of the specifics of this course. Please email me directly with those questions or concerns:

Students must be 10 years or older to attend and must be able to read, write, and follow directions. Exceptions may be made if a parent or guardian attends with the student, please contact me about this before registering. Please, all minors must be signed in at the classroom by an adult, and must be signed out in the classroom. This is a live course, so you must be present to attend. There is currently no video or live streaming available.

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Online registration is required.

About the Instructor:

Kody Chamberlain is a professional writer and artist with over twenty years experience creating cutting-edge work for comics, film, animation, video games, and television. He’s earned story and art credits at Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, HarperCollins, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, FOX, HALO, LucasArts, Marvel Comics, MTV, Sony Pictures, 12 Gauge Comics, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, and more. 

Highlights and Accolades:

  • Original story and art for the hardcover HALO: Tales from Slipspace; 2016 
  • Sweets utilized in English courses at UL Lafayette and LSU; 2013-2015
  • The Foundation optioned by 20th Century Fox for feature film development; 2014
  • Sweets won the Spinetingler Fiction Award; April 2011
  • Sweets included in CBR’s 50 best covers; 2010
  • McBain series featured on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS); 2010
  • Punks featured in Print Magazine; February 2008
  • Indiana Jones Heritage Card artist for TOPPS and LucasArts; 2007
  • Art demonstrations and guest speaker at HOW Design Live, CTN Animation Expo, Macworld, INNOV8, Comic Cons, AdFed, AIGA, and major universities across the country.

For additional details and course registration, please visit:

If you have questions, feel free to email Kody Chamberlain at: