Wee Blessing Spring Party Invitation!

Includes a free outfit!

April 5, 2017

Wee Blessing is an amazing subscription based company that provides custom styled clothes for kids newborn to age 14 that are 40-60% off retail! They pride themselves on attention to detail and individually shop for each child with name brand clothing! 

Alicia Werle is a mom of 2 and is the founder and CEO of Wee Blessing. Her goal is to provide parents hand picked outfits for their children from the most popular and top name brand companies out there and do it cost effectively. They guarantee that the outfits will be offered at 40-60% off of retail and every blessing package can be tailored for any budget. Learn more and visit their website by clicking here.

You are invited to a Macaroni Kid Wee Blessing Party! During the party, we will be unboxing our first Wee Blessing while the kids play and light refreshments will be available. The party is on April 23rd from 1 pm until 3 pm at Thomas Park. 


We would like to have between 10-15 families participate and each family will be given one free outfit from Wee Blessing. If you are interested in attending and learning more about this fantastic company while meeting local moms please email for details.