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By Babineaux Family Dentistry

By Jimmy Babineaux February 2, 2017

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.  Our local Dental health expert, Dr. Jimmy Babineaux has given us some recommendations to improve our little one’s oral care.

Dr. Babineaux recommends starting biannual dental visits as early as 1-2 years of age.  This helps develop a dental home for the child and family.  The initial visit does not always go as planned with infants or toddlers, and that’s OK.  The first visit is aimed at building trust and getting a new tooth owner comfortable with the dental team and having a positive experience.  Dr. Babineaux recommends taking your children to their dentist twice a year, for a cleaning, fluoride treatment, and full oral exam.  

Dr. Babineaux urges parents to make sure their children’s teeth are brushed twice a day.   Brushing at night is the most important time to brush.  Remnants of food and beverages that are not brushed and flossed off at night are the main cause of tooth decay.  Also make sure children are not sent to bed with milk or juice or allowed to eat after their teeth are brushed.  

Limiting sugary food and drink will help prevent tooth decay, and also develop healthy eating habits.  

Dr. Babineaux stresses to parents that even fruit, fruit juices, white bread and organic sugar can cause the tooth to begin to decay.  

We work very hard to help our little patients have a good first experience.  Please call and schedule your appointment today by calling 337-234-3214.

Dr. Jimmy Babineaux DDS