Halloween Milk Jug Luminaries

By Laurie Corbett, Publisher Mom, South Shore Boston October 20, 2016
Halloween is sneaking up on us this year and I haven't found the decorations yet. So with a few empty milk jugs, a marker and some glow sticks, we made our own!

What You'll Need
Empty Plastic Milk/Water Jugs
Black Permanent Marker
Glow Sticks - we used the bracelet kind

What You'll Do
1. Rinse out the milk jugs and let dry.
2. Use a black permanent marker to draw a ghost, jack-o-lantern, Frankenstein's monster and/or other monster faces on your milk jugs. 
3. When you're ready to use the luminaries, activate the glow sticks and place them inside each jug. We used six of the bracelet type, but you can use more or less to get the effect you are looking for. 
4. Place outside and enjoy!

It is easier to draw on some brands of milk/water jugs than others.

Black markers work the best, but other colors are okay too! Use what you have.

We used the color of the glow sticks we had help us decide what we wanted to make. Creativity rules here - just have fun!

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