Spooky Spider Web Hard-Boiled Eggs

By Julie Follansbee October 22, 2015
Halloween is a fun time to be creative with your food! 

Eggs are a great snack and something quick and nutritious to grab when you are crunched for time. This spooky spider web version is a fun addition to your Halloween night dinner or a great snack for a school party.

Hard boil your eggs and then with a slotted spoon, transfer them to a clean dish towel (this keeps them from rolling around). 

Gently crack each egg in several places with the bowl of the spoon. The more cracks you make, the more spider webs you will get. 

Mix some food coloring (we used Wilton black) in the pan with hot water. Transfer eggs back to pan and let cool completely.

Carefully peel eggs to reveal spider webs!