A Halloween Trick for Delicious Halloween Treats!


October 8, 2015
Fall is here. The leaves are changing, school activities are in full swing, and I’m starting to get ready for my favorite day of the season: Halloween. I can’t wait to start picking out costumes and celebrating with a few tricks and LOTS of treats.

While I plan on handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, I also want to add my own personal touch to Halloween. I absolutely LOVE desserts, but, since my schedule is so crazy, I don’t have time to make my own orange and black cupcakes or festive cookies to bring to the neighbor’s Halloween party.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered an easy trick to arrive bearing delicious, beautifully packaged gifts without much fuss. It’s all thanks to the bakery department at my local grocery store. They have so many different kinds of decadent goodies you can wrap up with Halloween packaging that make for a great hostess gift, school treat or party favor. For example, with some Halloween cupcake wrappers, candy corn and a plastic champagne flute, you can make the most adorable Halloween craft. Check out more great ideas right here.

Tricks for creating a hassle-free, beautiful treat:
  • I pick up whatever delicious treat catches my eye at the bakery department in my local grocery store. Chances are, I’m already there doing some shopping anyway.
  • I pick up materials to dress up the goodies – usually found right in the grocery store, too!
  • I package and embellish whatever baked good I chose with the Halloween decorations I picked.
  • I share the perfect Halloween treat at all of my celebrations.
There’s nothing better than creating an adorable craft with baked goods in just few minutes. And there’s nothing better than delicious baked goods on Halloween – or any time of the year.

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