Macaroni Menu: Turkey Cookies

By Jolie G., Seguin Macaroni Kid November 20, 2014
My son loves to help cook and bake. I try to use treats he can help with when we are getting ready for an event. These cookies were perfect for him! He was able to count eyes and M&Ms, make patterns, and sort while we worked. He loved every minute!

You will need: 
  • Sugar cookies (any recipe you like--or break and bake), baked and cooled
  • Buttercream frosting
  • Eyes for decorating
  • Writing icing (red and yellow)
  • M&Ms
  1. Use buttercream frosting as glue on the cookies to make a place for eyes (center of cookie) and feathers (arched around the top).
  2. Add two eyes to the center.
  3. Add M&Ms around the top.
  4. Draw a beak and waddle on with writing icing.
  5. Allow frosting and icing to set.