Halloween Hand Puppet: Frankenstein

By Tina Cloer October 23, 2014
Your child's imagination will come to life as you create fun holiday-themed puppets and use them to tell your own spooky stories. These instructions will guide you in the creation of the creepy monster, Frankenstein, but you could use similar supplies to create other Halloween creatures.

Materials needed
  • Paper Lunch Bag (one for each puppet)
  • Green Paint & Paintbrush
  • Black and Purple Construction Paper
  • Black Sharpie
  • Black Felt (small square)
  • Large Google Eyes
  • Buttons
  1. Paint the flap side of the paper bag green and let it dry.
  2. Turn the bag upside down with the bottom flap facing you (see picture).
  3. Cut eyebrows and hair out of the black construction paper and glue to the flap (see picture).
  4. Glue two google eyes to the flap under the eyebrows.
  5. Using the black Sharpie, draw a mouth.
  6. Cut bolts out of the purple construction paper and glue to the underside of the flap (see picture).
  7. Cut a vest out of the black felt and glue it to the bag (see picture).
  8. Glue buttons on front of the vest.
  9. Use your puppet for some Halloween entertainment!