Turkey Place Marker

Get the Kids Involved in Prepping For The Big Meal

November 13, 2020

I thought it would be neat for the kids in our family to personalize their place at the dinner table on Thanksgiving so I tried this idea: We pulled out some construction paper, feathers, googlie eyes, glue and a stapler. I traced his hand on the paper, leaving an inch or 2 of space at the bottom. Cut out the hand with a strip the length of paper at bottom. He colored the whole thing, then we glued on a triangle shaped beak cut out from leftover paper and a red piece that hangs below beak. Glued on those and a googlie eye to the thumb (head). Next we glued feathers along the other fingers, leaving bottom space on front and gluing them all the way from bottom on back to keep it sturdy. Write child's name on bottom & circle the strip around back and staple together. It's place marker for Thanksgiving dinner!

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