DIY Witch Hat for Halloween

By ArtSkills ( October 4, 2013
Nothing says Halloween like a witch's hat! Create this not-too-spooky but oh-so-fun version with just a few simple supplies.
Materials Needed:
  • 2 pieces black poster board 22” x 28”
  • Craft Brushes
  • Glitter Shakers (silver)
  • Poster Lights
  • Foam Letters
  • Eye Catchers
Cut a large circle, 17 1/2” across, from one of the pieces of black poster board. Cut the circle out and then trace it on the second piece of black poster board and cut that circle out also. Cut away the excess poster board as shown in the image to form the components for the witch hat.

Decorate the cone shape with spiders and spider webs by painting designs on the black poster board with a thin craft brush and craft glue. Sprinkle over the glue with silver glitter. 

Form the cone and glue the two edges together.

Add poster lights to the cone shape.  Use the wooden dowel that comes with the Poster Lights package to poke holes into the cone and then insert the lights from the inside out.  (We hot glued each light so they would stay permanent.)

Decorate the base of the hat with neon eye catchers and colored foam letters.

Center the cone on the base of the hat and attach it with tape. Draw a line around the cone shape using the craft brush and glue to trace the outer edge of the cone. Then sprinkle with silver glitter.