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October 1, 2020

This time of year is incredibly fun for the Macaroni Kid family and we are all about passing on that fun. Have you ever been boo'ed? Your sitting at home, watching tv or eating dinner and your doorbell rings. You answer the door and no one is there, those kids ding-dong ditched you again! Oh but wait, there's a basket of goodies on the stoop. You think, "Really, for us?" Someone left you a Halloween basket full of candy and fun knick-knacks. Call the kids, let them rip the surprise open. Your night ends on a high note and the mystery of where it all came from will never be solved. And then it's your turn to pass on that fun by boo'ing another unsuspecting neighbor. The fun that just keeps giving. Ready to be boo'ed? 

Macaroni Kid has teamed up with 17 amazing local sponsors to provide Boo Baskets all around Lafayette. The baskets will have candy, goodies, and information and specials from those local sponsors. We want to make sure a few of our awesome loyal subscribers get in on the fun (as most will be delivered randomly). If you would like a chance to be Boo'ed by Macaroni Kid and sponsors please fill out the form by clicking HERE. Baskets will be delivered the week of October 12th. Good Luck! 

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You'll be glad you did ... and so will your kids!

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