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January 18, 2011

MK Joins the Pound For Pound Challenge to help Feeding America

By: Brought to you by our very own Jenny Steadman from Cleveland East Macaroni Kid!
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Macaroni Kid is up for a challenge!  The Pound For Pound Challenge!

I have yet to find an easier way to do something for both people-in-need and yourself. With just a few clicks, you can donate to the food bank of your choice and make a commitment to your own health.If you are a fan of the Biggest Loser, then you know the deal! If you aren't, here is the low-down:

The Biggest Loser partners with Feeding America for the Pound For Pound Challenge. For every pound someone pledges to lose, they will donate 11¢ to Feeding America® — enough to secure one pound of groceries on behalf of local food banks. A pound for a pound!

We are asking everyone to go to and sign up to join the Macaroni Kid team. (You don't have to pledge to lose weight. You can pledge to maintain your current weight which they calculate as a 5lb donation.) Once you create an account and make a pledge, you have no other commitment except to yourself. You don't have to weigh in, check-in, nothing!

Then, log onto Facebook and find the Macaroni Kid Pound For Pound Challenge! group and join in the fun! There will be tons of support, tips and tricks thanks to the National Pound For Pound Challenge page.

Invite friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, everyone! Make a pledge to your own health in 2011 and help those in need. Here's to a healthy 2011! Do not participate if you're pregnant or if weight loss is not appropriate for you.

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