Read and Raise Funds for Carencro Schools

December 8, 2011

Download your participation form and, teachers, get your application!

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Encourage your children to read and recognize their service to the community with Community Chronicles' ingenious 2-4-6 Read-a-thon.  Children pledge to read daily for two weeks, for a total of four hours, and get six sponsors to support their effort and the cause by pledging a dollar per hour of reading.  100% of funds raised will go to the purchase of educational tools for local classrooms.

Classrooms in Carencro will benefit from the program this January, with those in Upper Lafayette and Sunset/Grand Coteau to recieve the learning toys, games, music and books in May and September, respectively.  Of course, you need not be a resident of Carencro to participate now.  To the contrary, we hope that you will encourage your children's literary pursuits an philanthropic endeavors by participating in all three!

You can find a program brochure, as well as a tracking and participation form here  Email me at if you plan on being a part of this grand iniative!  Be sure you have your sponsorships gathered and reading completed by January 20th.

Teachers, if you'd like your classroom to benefit, all we need is a letter of application.  Recipients will be chosen by a committee who will review the teachers’ letters of intent, giving careful consideration to why the materials are needed and how they’ll be utilized in the classroom.  Simply email for more detailed instructions.

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